Industries We Serve

As an industry-agnostic company catering to diverse business niches, Daiviksoft Technologies keep best technology solutions and business understanding at the focus of every project, irrespective of any industry. Leverage our industry experts to exploit your product at all stages.

Fueled by new technologies, industries are exploring all aspects of a new way of working. Daiviksoft takes specific industry needs into account, we help you build the ultimate omnichannel customer journey, make financial solutions more profitable, smoothen logistics processes, improve the health of your medical platform, and more.


Our Strategy to build software for the financial industry includes the process of defining, designing, testing, and implementing the application to carry out financial tasks effortlessly. 

As a well-known financial software-making company Daiviksoft Technologies provides custom financial software solutions for portfolio management, and financial planning.  


Ecommerce as an industry is seeing constant rise with profits increasing for businesses every year. For such industry it is wise to take advantage of digital solutions that will add significance.

Custom software development by Daiviksoft for e-commerce gives customer centric solution to meet end goals. With our high end software solution, you will be getting increase in profit.



The healthcare sector is undergoing a significant upheaval right now as a result of technological advancements in digital health, post-pandemic lessons learned, and changes in regulatory compliance. Consumer-driven healthcare and the fast-changing market dynamics are the main reasons behind this transition.

By developing a sustainable and patient-centric healthcare paradigm, Daiviksoft assists healthcare organisations in staying ahead of the curve. We collaborate with healthcare businesses to increase value in the rapidly changing market.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence adds intelligence to your existing applications and systems. AI automates repetitive learning through data. Through AI, we can understand data, comprehend speech, and make predictions. We use neural network libraries and machine learning algorithms to meet industry-specific requirements with scalable machine learning models.

Daiviksoft provides AI software development to apply smarter solutions to business problems. Our AI consulting can help you spot AI opportunities and eliminate barriers to AI. Together we can open up new AI opportunities that can change the future for you.


Manufacturers are able to leverage the potential of custom software solutions in order to maximize efficiency and gain a competitive advantage. Daiviksoft help businesses pace up their operations in accordance with changing market metrics. Our team works on solutions that cater to the needs of a manufacturer.

Daiviksoft enables organizations to overcome the key challenges of process complexity and proves that our experience and expertise are blended into the services. We make sure that our clients serve the improvement of their manufacturing processes and production components and satisfy all the demands and requirements. We make sure to add value to our clients in planning and forecasting.

IT & Consulting

Leading this space, Daiviksoft brings to the table a strong foundation of people, processes, and technology to empower clients in this sector. We provide our partners with accurate and consistent data in our strategy and our processes. The true partnership comes from shared knowledge and understanding.

Regardless of the technology, software, or additional tools required, an improved and customized solution that creates long lasting value is expected upon delivery. Daiviksoft team experience and skills, combined with advanced tools and technologies utilized, allow us to develop complex, scalable, and functional applications in any platform.


The travel and hospitality sectors are moving more and more in the direction of technology, with an emphasis on providing a customer-centric approach and excellent connection for both the clients and the company’s workers. Daiviksoft software development services for the hotel and travel industries are designed to streamline your everyday operations, deliver a memorable client experience, and adapt to rapidly shifting consumer needs.

Daiviksoft combine Experience, Complex Coding and Agile Support to give you the best cruise ship and Offshore Management Maritime software system. Over these years Daiviksoft has garnered the trust and affection of its clients and in return, they have helped us develop new products that solve real time problems faced by the cruise ship industry and today we are a company with products tested and used by several Ship and Crew management companies.

fmcg & Retail

Daiviksoft helps you create end-to-end retail software solutions that boost operational effectiveness, empower the consumer experience, and predict product demand. Businesses make the most of every chance to use data for examining consumer behaviour and purchasing patterns. The correct product assortment, targeted interactions, and promotions may all be coordinated with the aid of consumer behaviour identification.

We can develop for you an end-to-end eco-system of custom software services with amazing features for your businesses that enable excellent supply chain planning and execution to lower costs and boost enterprise efficiency. Daiviksoft can build an efficient supply chain management system that can define processes for your operations, thus saving time & increase productivity.

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