A results-driven technology leader with 14 years of experience in building innovative digital products in multiple roles across Engineering, Product Strategy and Business Strategy. Mr Radesh is experienced in building high-performance, large-scale real-time systems, micro-services, and web applications. He graduated from IIT Madras. As founder and Chief Executive Officer of Daiviksoft Technologies, he leads the company since its inception in 2016, he has helped shape it from vision to reality in pioneering and bringing software consulting solutions to companies all over the world. Mr Radesh leads the strategic direction globally and the team works alongside the visionary customers to imagine and create the future of fulfilment. He enjoys building software products that users love to use.

Daiviksoft Technologies, a leading a fast-growing company building next-gen technologies for the customers have been on right path with the vision. Over the years, Daiviksoft have helped build many platforms to the clients. Mr Radesh makes sure that he knows what to do and how to do it to create a useful product and a profitable business.

Mr Radesh along with Daiviksoft technologies team help ideate & evaluate your vision to design, build, scale and maintain your web or mobile product from scratch, up to market fit and traction.

The Family

When individuals are enthusiastic, sincere, realistic, and persistent about cooperating as a team to solve the most challenging challenges, something interesting happens in Daiviksoft. It encourages a culture that is practical about problem-solving, giving when assisting others, and at ease as a family. We take great pleasure in our team members and consider them to be what truly sets our business apart.

Working here will provide you the opportunity to network with accomplished experts, take on challenging tasks, and exercise your creative and original thinking. Along the road, you could also meet some new people, have a fantastic time, and take advantage of chances to use your best qualities.