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8 months ago

An API is the base of all the apps that deal with data or enable communication between two products or services. It sanctions a mobile application or platform to share its data with other apps/platforms and ease the user experience without involving the developers. APIs eliminate the need to build a similar program or platform from scratch; you can use the existing one or some other app/platform.

Daiviksoft dedicates its resource to develop APIs, it’s critical that everyone involved has the same expectations. It is essential to build endpoints within an API. Endpoints provide fellow developers a path to follow that avoids confusion and guesswork, leading to a much smoother API development process.
API’s are used in

APIs power desktop applications.
APIs are behind most web applications.
APIs make mobile applications possible.
APIs are the integrations for no code solutions.
APIs connect devices to the internet.
APIs define the networks—or the information passed between applications, systems, and devices.
APIs even connect everyday things like automobiles, doorbells, dishwashers, and wearable devices.
Why use APIs?

According to Daiviksoft Technologies API’s are used for:

o  Integration with internal and external systems
o  Adding or enhancing functionality of internal and external systems
o  Adding or enhancing functionality for customers
o  Speeding up software and system development
o  Reducing operating costs: 
o  Reducing software development costs
o  Improving software and system testing
o  Improving organizational security and governance
o  Enabling mobile applications
o  Reducing outages and non-performing systems
With an API integration platform in place, organizations can be sure they have the capabilities to effectively integrate the new technologies as they grow and mature. Please email us today to share your requirement.

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