Cruise Ship Management – Full Suite

Daiviksoft Technologies offers turnkey project management and coordination by first determining the hardware and software requirements onboard ships and at head offices ashore, and then by performing the necessary installations so that the company’s software specialists can put the new systems into place.

Cruise companies are using robust Ship Property Management Systems (SPMS) to boost client interactions, boost efficiency, and advance overall operations as cruise ships grow in size to carry more passengers and amenities.

Ship’s Property Management System (SPMS)
Main Features
•     Complete passenger, crew, visitors and groups handling
•     Automated Check-In – picture-taking of passengers, crew & visitors with offline functionality
•     Gangway Security module with Hands-free option
•     Central cashless accounting with invoicing and credit card handling
•     Guest survey, comment card scanning and processing
•     Amenity & Special Request handling
•     Gift Card Functionality
•     Shore excursions, Dining room management, Spa administration
•     Crew Administration including crew safety features—STCW compliant
•     Currency Exchange handling
•     Purser’s Cash handling with multiple cash books
•     Integrated POS with item details available in SPMS
•     Multiple Cruise Open capability
•     Automated Gratuity Handling & Document Return functionality
•     Personal Daily Programmer
•     Fidelio User Tracking & System Security
•     Luggage Tracking functionality

SPMS Optional Modules
·        Shore Excursions Module (with Kiosk option)
·        Gangway Security Module (optional Hands Free and/or offline features) – SOLAS, ISPS compliant
·        Corporate Access Module
·        Hotel Maintenance Module
·        Package Plan Module
·        Business Centre Module with Internet Access
·        Fleet Management System (with Reservation Interface)
·        Payroll Module
·        Check-in Module
·        Self Service Kiosk Module
·        Casino Cash Module
·        Comment Card Module
·        FC Gift Card
·        Spa Module

·        Shore-side Reservations Systems
·        Door Locking Systems
·        Telephone Systems
·        Human Resource Systems
·        General Ledger Systems
·        Interactive TV
·        Credit Card Processing (on-line & off-line available)
·        Universal Interface

Cruise line operations must be constantly monitored because there are so many moving elements. Daiviksoft recognizes this and as a result, we offer a strong, comprehensive SPMS may give operators quick access to crucial ship management data, enabling them to boost productivity, cut costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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