Drools – Business Rule Engine

Gone are those days when business logic was implemented directly into application code. At that time, the code and logic for an application used to be tightly attached.

So if you needed to make even a slight change in business logic, you need to account for every area of the code that would be impacted. Modern rule engines like Drools have been designed precisely to solve this predicament.

Daiviksoft Technologies understood this problem and started exploring on the solutions many years ago.

These days, rule engines have revolutionized business logic implementation.

At Daiviksoft, we define a Business Rule Management System (BRMS) as a software that creates, supports, and executes decision logic and business rules. ‘Drools’ is one of the most prominent BRMSs being used by thousands of organizations at this modern age.

Daiviksoft has the capability to develop both forward as well as backward chaining interference based rules engine and which provides a framework to allow business logic externalization in a common place.
We help institutions Implement Drools. We require two things: authoring and runtime. Authoring is the creation of rules files, and runtime involves executing the rules.

Daiviksoft has helped organisation implement Drools decision table solution correctly, they can potentially bypass the additional development, release, and deployment work. Since the rules are authored in a spreadsheet format, a business analyst who is comfortable with spreadsheet software and features can design, implement, and test without the additional overhead.

This reinforces an ideal separation of concerns. Decision tables via spreadsheets facilitate collaboration between development and subject matter experts, as well as making business rules clear to business analysts.

The most important step is finding your right partner to lay the foundation. If you would like to know or implement at your organisation and also to know how this framework has benefitted our clients, or if this strategy can benefit you, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Daiviksoft representative would love to assist you in creating a system that will… rule.

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