Java Micro Services

When you build a new enterprise solution (web or mobile) the most important thing is the back-end architecture. Before Microservice architecture, users were stuck with monolithic architecture and developers were supporting third-party services via API.

Microservices have now become the preferred approach.
Microservices architecture is a cloud-native architectural approach where a single application is composed of different loosely coupled independent deployable smaller components or services.

·        These services have their own technology stack including database and data management model.
·        Communicate with each other over a combination of REST API, streaming, and message brokers.
·        Organized by business capabilities.
·        Highly maintainable and testable.
·        Owned by a small team.

Daiviksoft has been enabling Microservices Architecture to its clients so that they can avail rapid and reliable delivery of large and complex applications and allows an organization to also enable its technology stack.

Earlier many technologies allowed developers to combine more resources and run the application in simultaneous services. This designing of software as companions of independently deployable services was described as Microservice architecture.

Let’s check the advantages of Microservices-
·        Microservices can simultaneously develop different components of an application and speed up the delivery process.
·        Components are easier to maintain and also it makes the application more reliable and easier to scale.
·        Microservices architecture makes it easier for new developers to join any project.

Daiviksoft designs Microservices architecture to the best of our ability, however, everything depends on the development team. Without any experience, even the most professional developers will have a hard time. That’s where Daiviksoft expertise come into the picture.

We provide a wide range of services, from Microservices Architecture Development to customization.
·        End-To-End Microservices Assessment
·        Real-time Microservices Integration
·        Personalized Microservices Support
·        Hassle-Free Microservices Migration
·        Routine Microservices Testing

As a leading software development company, Daiviksoft technologies enables microservices to provide high-quality services to cater to the requirements of clients.

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