Secure- Mobile Apps (Banking)

Everything has gone mobile. Gadgets are now the preferred devices. The detonation of demand for smartphones, tablets, and wearables brought the innovative idea of constant connectivity into the minds of consumers. People see their smartphones as Omni-functional gadgets for everyday life, performing money transactions, buying goods and services, storing personal data like ID cards and passports.

As a direct result, methods of accessing information changed dramatically, including the most critical and the most vulnerable information – financial. A massive shift has happened in financial services as the recent technology revolution made it possible to perform transactions almost instantly.

These days’ banks are looking for advanced and exceptional methods to improve the quality of their services and exceed their customers’ expectations. Thus, banking services have migrated from banking branches and even from desktops to tablets and smartphones.

Daiviksoft plays a pivot role in building secured custom made mobile applications for financial sector clients. We make sure that the app should not be a one-to-one mapping of the features available in online banking. We make sure that it should possess only the core features, made as easy as possible. Daiviksoft makes completely sure that the app should not be in any case overloaded with all the complicated functionalities, but have core stuff right, obvious and usable, like balance checking, quick and easy payments and transfers, and transactions history reviews.

We are convinced that an effective UX can be critical to the success of the application. Having proper security on-board, mobile banking applications may be highly profitable. However, they are not only about money, but they are also about trust. A secure and reliable mobile banking app may serve as the best driver for customer acquisition. Keep in mind that costs incorporated with an attack can be much higher.

Cyber-attacks on the fintech industry have become so normal that the FBI is telling such companies that it is no longer an “if” situation but a “when” situation. One of the biggest hacks in recent times was the Central Bank of Bangladesh – a company that uses software from SWIFT financial platform – a platform that is used quite commonly. And recent attacks on startups and applications to retrieve financial data from repositories should tell anyone who wants to build a secure banking app one thing – getting to market rapidly is a secondary goal. The first goal must be security.

If you have the idea in your head, and you are clear on what features and security you need, it is time to talk with Daiviksoft. We have been building apps for many years now and would be happy to discuss the transformation of your idea into a great, secure product.

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